Welcome to the ISSCO Australia website.Our company specializes in:

  • Precision optical instruments,Video & Digital Imaging solutions
  • Sales,service & repairs (professional servicing for all brands)
  • Other specialized equipment/instrumentation

MEIJI Techno is Japan's third largest microscope manufacturer and renown for their precision optics,mechanics,innovation and affordability.

  • MADE IN JAPAN (not 3rd world manufacture)
  • NEW Stereos with LED lighting
  • NEW Biological w/LED lighting
  • NEW Complete imaging systems Camera,microscope,lighting
  • Asbestos
  • Biological New MT series
  • Fibreoptic inspection
  • Gemmological
  • Inspection
  • Inverted New TC/IM series
  • Macrozoom
  • Measuring
  • Metallurgical New MT series & IM invtered
  • Polarizing New MT series
  • Stereozoom
  • Veterinary
  • Video
  • Accessories (fibreoptic illuminators;imaging;etc)
High quality,Affordable Digital Video Cameras
Special package prices for microscopes & fibreoptic illuminators
MEIJI Infinity DK3000 3Mpixel USB2.0 Colour

MEIJI Infinity DK5000 5Mpixel USB2.0 Colour

MEIJI Infinity DKX21 21Mpixel USB2.0 Colour

MEIJI Infinity DKX32 32Mpixel USB2.0 Colour

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