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The MEIJI Techno INFINITY series digital cameras are designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solutions for image archiving and documentation in research (clinical life sciences,material sciences),industry and education where high resolution,high quality images is routinely required.

The MEIJI Techno INFINITY range includes colour and monochrome CMOS,CCD and cooled cameras ensuring the availability of a suitable camera for most professional applications.

Popular CMOS cameras include the DK-3000,DK-5000 and the DK21000

These cameras feature on-board processing and the INFI delivers outstanding image quality for a wide variety of scientific applications. Live video preview provides for near real-time focus, while auto exposure and auto white balance efficiently capture your optimal image. An intuitive user application provides camera controls, while full integration to popular third-party imaging applications is available through the associated TWAIN drivers. The USB 2.0 digital interface ensures a simple plug and play installation - and one standard cable minimizes camera clutter.

These cameras are supplied with drivers and INFINITY Capture software (an intuitive user interface which includes all of the basic features required to control the DK-series camera and capture images) as well as INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, image processing, measuring and annotation.

These cameras are available in color or monochrome, as well as OEM form factors including board-level and custom enclosures.

MEIJI Techno INFINITY cameras are supported by an experienced team of technical support and imaging experts. We understand your imaging needs and are here to help you get the most out of your camera.

Other cameras & options include:

  • DK32000 (DKX32) 32Mpixel Colour Camera
  • DK11LF 11Mpixel large sensor format (35mm) Colour Camera
  • CC2300 3.3Mpixel CCD Colour Camera
  • Software development kit
  • Various C-mount & Digital camera adapters
Click here for screenshots of the INFINITY Capture & INFINITY Analyze software
Model   DK-3000   DK-5000   DK-21000 (DKX21)
Camera type   3Mpixel   5Mpixel   21Mpixel
Camera Sensor            
Image sensor   1/2" format   1/2.5" format   1/2" format
    CMOS Colour   CMOS Colour   CMOS Colour
    6.5 x 4.9mm   5.7 x 4.28mm   6.6 x 5.3mm
Effective pixels   2048 x 1536   2592 x 1944   1280 x 1024
Pixel size (square)   3.2um   2.2um   5.2um
Frame rate   12fps @ full res   7fps @ full res   30fps @ 1280 x 1024
    120fps @ 640 x 480   60fps @ 640 x 480   120fps @ 640 x 480
Dynamic range   G.t.60dB   G.t.60dB   G.t.60dB
Digital output   8/10 bit   8/12bit   8/10 bit
Digital Still image   Single frame   Single frame   Single frame & Pixel shift
            1280 x 1024 / 1.3Mpixels
            2560 x 2048 / 5Mpixels
            3840 / 3072 / 10Mpixels
            5120 x 4096 / 21Mpixels
Camera Controls            
Power requirement   USB power   USB power   USB power
    or 5VDC 500mA   or 5VDC 500mA   or 6VDC 900mA
Power consumption   3 Watts   3 Watts   6 Watts
Operating Temperature   0C to 50C   0C to 50C   0C to 50C
Operating Humidity   5%-95% nc   5%-95% nc   5%-95% nc
Integration time   1/1000 to 3 secs   1/1000 to 3 secs    
Shutter   Rolling type single   Rolling type single   Rolling type single
    frame   frame   frame
ROI   User select   User select   User select
Auto Exposure   Auto / Manual   Auto / Manual   Auto / Manual
White Balance   Auto / Manual   Auto / Manual   Auto / Manual
Gain   Programmable   Programmable   Programmable
    1 to 10x optimizable   1 to 10x optimizable   1 to 10x optimizable
Interface   USB2.0   USB2.0   USB2.0
Size (LxWxH)   98x51x70mm   98x51x70mm   98x51x70mm
Lens mount   C-mount   C-mount   C-mount
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